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Founded in the early 80's, ORIGINAL AU COTON, more commonly known as AU COTON, is Quebec's iconic brand of loose-fitting, casual clothing.

ORIGINAL AU COTON offers comfortable, high quality products that allow Canadian and global consumers to express their style and individuality.

After nearly 20 years of absence, AU COTON is back in the public eye with a clear objective in mind: to re-establishthe brand at the heart of Quebec culture and to make it proudly shine throughout Canada and the world.

With the launch of its online store aucoton.com and the opening of its new flagship store located on Amherst Street (soon to be Atateken), in the heart of Montreal's Village, AU COTON is offering this spring-summer 2019 season a micro collection of clothing composed of hoodies, cotton sweaters and joggers. This collection is a preview of the complete collection of clothing planned for fall 2019.

Proudly designed in Montreal, we can announce the return of the legendary logo, with all the comfort and authenticity of the ORIGINAL brand AU COTON!

Our vision

To actively contribute to building a society where each person freely assumes his or her style and individuality, with simplicity, pride and authenticity.

Our mission

Our mission is based on two (2) fundamental levers. The first lever is to create an emotional connection with our customers around the world by offering them inspiring clothing styles, a unique online experience and stimulating marketing.

The second lever refers to our relationship with our suppliers. Indeed, we are committed to ethical manufacturing (no sweatshops) of our clothes and claim a healthy commercial governance (sweat shop free).

Our promise

ORIGINAL AU COTON is committed to giving you the same pride we take in our work. We are committed to providing you with comfortable, high quality clothing that allows you to express your style and individuality.

Our values

For ORIGINAL AU COTON, thesecore values are the ones that guide our decisions and everything we do: our relationships with our clients, the causes we support, the choice of our teams and collaborators, and the design of the collections we create.

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