About Original Au Coton

Wadded cotton and crepe hair

Founded in 1982, Original Au Coton is an iconic Quebec brand that stood out in the 80's and 90's for its loose-fitting pastel-colored clothing, scarves, bags and matching buttons. Not to mention its legendary logo.

Original Au Coton, or more commonly known as Au Coton, is in the 80's and 90's the Quebec brand beloved by women and men with a casual and trendy lifestyle.

The good old days when wearing a Au Coton sweater was as popular as MusiquePlus music videos, Cyndi Lauper's pop music, Jean-Marc Parent's daring humor, the rallying show Chambre en Ville, the Nintendo and "crimped" hair.

At the height of its popularity, Original Au Coton had over 170 stores in Canada, the United States and Europe.

At the turn of the millennium, the company faced an unprecedented economic situation and had to stop its commercial activities.

The company died out, but the brand transcended.

Original Au Coton has shaped the collective memory of a whole generation of Quebecers who have lived from near or far this beautiful era " Au Coton ".

What if Original Au Coton was reborn?

The expected return

Cultural tidal wave and decades of all possibilities, the memories linked to the 80s and 90s are vivid and strong. Today's fashion reclaims its codes, which are echoed by the Zs and the Ys and which make the Xs smile.

The planets are aligned: the time is right for Original Au Coton to win back the hearts of Quebecers and proudly promote the brand across Canada and around the world.

Proudly designed in Montreal, Original Au Coton is offering some classics and a preview of its complete collection of comfortable unisex cotton clothing for women and men this Spring/Summer 2019 season.

Find the classic unisex cotton sweater with its original logo. Discover also brand new printed logos, celebrating the brand's renewal, diversity, individuality and originality.

I am Original Au Coton

Now it's your turn to (re)bring Original to life Au Coton. Share your past memories and present stories. Celebrate your individuality.

#Proudly Wear #OriginalToCotton


The story of a relaunch

The challenge

At the turn of 2010, Cherif Atallah challenged himself on his 50th birthday to become a clothing brand owner. He spent several years looking for the right opportunity and when the opportunity to acquire the Original Au Coton brand presented itself in 2014, he immediately knew he had found it.

A question of values

There was a perfect fit between his own values and those of the iconic Quebec brand. The parallel could be drawn between his strong sense of belonging to Quebec society and that of Quebec society towards the Original brand Au Coton.

The acquisition of the Original Au Coton brand is therefore a natural and meaningful decision.

Recognition of the past

For Cherif, the relaunch of the brand goes well beyond a business opportunity. It is a way to commemorate the contribution of the iconic brand to Quebec society in a spirit of humility and gratitude to all those who have helped build it.

Its mission is to provide an authentic inspiring experience based on the ever-present values that have been the foundation of Original's reputation Au Coton.

Who is Cherif Atallah?

Cherif Atallah is a manager with over 20 years of experience who has worked in strategic positions as a human resources professional. His experience spans a variety of industries such as hospitality, consulting, higher education, telecommunications, information technology and aerospace.

In addition to his corporate functions, Mr. Atallah is an entrepreneur who multiplies real estate investments and occasionally makes business acquisitions/creations.

Mr. Atallah has been teaching management and staffing at McGill University for 10 years.

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